Russian women in America

Do Russian women become “Americanized”?

Russian women drinking coffeeMen, who are considering meeting a Russian woman with a goal of finding a lifelong partner, now have to think twice: they think that a woman who comes to the USA will, eventually, change and adopt American attitudes and will become independent.

Being somewhat “Americanized” should not become threatening to American husbands as this is a stage of a normal process of being adapted to a new culture in which we, Russian wives, in fact are trying to survive.

To keep a woman from falling out from her Russian culture, there are many things her husband could help with. Gathering with friends who are the like American Russian couples is nurturing for a Russian woman - it will foster further her ethnic Russian background as she continues to associate with her Russian friends. It also will be great for husbands – they will learn more about Russian culture during gatherings with other American Russian friends to share common struggles and joys.

Wife will continue being Russian if she continues being exposed to her habitual environment, perhaps by having opportunities to visit Russian stores, cultural events, reading Russian books, being able to visit her country every where she can reconnect with her roots…

I will not speak for all of my Russian sisters, but as for me, I am very much interested in maintaining my Russian heritage and attitudes. Of course, I have adopted a few new qualities while living in America, but I view it as a result of personal growth and try not to forget where I came from.

As you know, Russian people in general, are considered to be meek, agreeable and peaceful nation. We come from a country of a strong community background, and in order for us to remain that, what is a big part of us, we must feel connected. Here, on foreign land this could be the biggest challenge: America promotes more of an independent spirit that fosters separation, where on a good side, it develops individuality.

Perhaps, the merging of two cultures in such marriages can fill in the gap: both husbands and wives have a lot to learn from each other, and may be that is why Russian wives and American husbands can make a great marriage.

Svetlana Repina,
Author of Story of a Disastrous Internet Romance


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