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FishAt the times that I still lived in Russia everybody expected from women to know how to cook. You could have great career, titles, talents, but housekeeping skills were probably a greatest priority for a woman. Unfortunately, I never possessed them. Moreover, I hated cooking! I remember time when my older coworker with sad expression on her face told me:” Anna, nobody will marry you. Journey to a men’s heart comes through his stomach.” Hm ….I wasn’t sure if such men looked really appealing to me!!! However, I did feel a little bit jealous to those ones who not only could, but enjoyed doing that.

I had a girlfriend Olga who was completely opposite of me in that respect. I loved visiting her. There were never toys lying around, even she had a small child. She washed her floors almost every day. Most importantly there always was incredible smell coming from her kitchen.

Many times during my visits I would chat and watch Olga while she was cooking. One of my favorite dishes that she made was fish prepared in a special souse. I saw her cooking it many times. It did not seem hard and one day decision was made. I am going to learn how to prepare this one myself. I wrote down the recipe and went to the market. Even there were so many different types of fish, the moment I saw this shining buity, I knew that this is going to be the one.
Here I was back home. Today I will become a chef myself and I will impress 2 of my friends that I invited for dinner. I followed the recipe: washed fish first, used some flower, and had to fry it little. Then I prepared a special souse and poured it over such that fish was covered completely, almost as fish was swimming in it. At this time dish was ready go to oven for 15-20 minutes.

While we were waiting for fish to get baked my friends and I were talking and laughing. That day delicious smell was coming from my kitchen. Finally, I proudly served my main dish. I was eager to try it myself. I took first byte and my teeth clenched on something hard and strange, my friends experienced the same. It took us few seconds to figure it out: It was a scale. I did not take scale of my fish.

I talked to Olga the next day and complained. She could not stop laughing. I told her that I never saw her actually cleaning the fish. Apparently she used a different sort of it.

That was many years ago. My housekeeping skills greatly improved since then. I still not thrilled about cooking, but can do it when needed. Last month I called Russia and spoke to my girlfriend Olga. We talked about everything: kids, shops, men. At the end she asked me if cooked for my husband. Without suspecting anything tricky I told her that do it once in while, not very often. Then she asked:” How does he like your fish with a scale she asked?”

Anna Sokolova

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