By Olga Sapp

AnastasiaWhen I have seen Asya’s art works for the first time I thought they were impossible to make. In spite of all my doubts the tiger has been looking at me from the wall. The tiger itself, the grass were made from the petals of different flowers and parts of the plants. The material for her art Asya was collecting at the parks or nearby alleys. It took 3 months to create that particular picture. And usually it takes couple hours to make a picture from that material. Devoting so much time to her pictures Asya shows her versatility in other different spheres. She is a wonderful designer, talented biologist. Her projects are so unique that she deserves to have her own laboratory for researches. And one of her other precious talents-she is such a great chef that not so many fancy restaurants can compete with her.

Asya is 22 years old and she resides in Riga. She recently graduated from Latvia State University. She is very open-minded and ready to conquer the world with her talents. And I am sure she will succeed in it.

For now I have an opportunity to present you some of Asya’s works.

Post Cards

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post cardpost cardpost card

P. S. Three years later I met Anastasia again. She designed for our magazine the logo and the first page. She chose to be a designer and succeed. Here are just some samples of her great work: www.imago.lv.

April, 2004.


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