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The popular opinion is that "mail order brides" are desperate, poor girls that try to better their lot in life by "selling themselves". According to Russian Brides Cyber Guide, this common idea is nothing but a myth, which is hardly supported by facts.

Gold Coast, Australia (PRWEB) March 29, 2004--Russian Brides Cyber Guide (http://www.womenrussia.com) has started a campaign to promote a new image of Russian women seeking marriage abroad. In opposition to the current image of Russian women portrayed by marriage agencies as submissive, serving and sacrificing, Russian Brides Cyber Guide offers the image of Russian women as intelligent, educated, smart, beautiful and sexy.

The popular opinion is that "mail order brides" are desperate, poor girls that try to better their lot in life by "selling themselves". According to Russian Brides Cyber Guide, this common idea is nothing but a myth, which is hardly supported by facts.

There are many prominent Russian women online, let us introduce you to a few of them - a tiny fraction of many thousands Russian women that have found their love and marriage abroad.

Marina Smiley1) Marina Smiley, MD - married to an American man she met online. Medical Doctor by education, Marina used to have her own successful company back in Russia. The author of the popular eBooks Your Russian Bride - The Shocking Truth and Sex with Russian Women Marina hates the stereotyping of so-called "mail order brides", and believes it is about time to set up the record straight in regard to Russian women seeking men for marriage.


Irina Sbitneva2) Irina Sbitneva, PhD in Chemistry - married to a Dutch man she met online.
Irina's website Russian Women Truth is her hobby; she is working on Cancer Research in Netherlands. Back in Russia, she was working as a scientist in a Research Institute, too.



Olga Sapp3) Olga Sapp - M-degree in Russian language and literature, married to an American man for more than 6 years. Olga is the Editor of the popular Russian Women Magazine - an online publication for Russian women living abroad and interested men. She used to be a successful TV-journalist back in FSU (Latvia).


Elena Hughes4) Elena Hughes - M-degree, married to an American man she met online. Elena used to have a successful travel agency back at her home country Belarus but decided that having her own family was more important than a career. So she sold her travel agency and set her goals on finding a husband. Now Elena is the happiest mom of a beautiful baby-girl and thinks it was well worth it. Meet Elena at Russian-Wife.net


Elena Petrova5) Elena Petrova - M-degree in Philosophy, married to a South African man for more than 5 years, currently living in Australia. Elena has two children in her marriage, a boy and a girl. Back in Russia, Elena used to be a regional manager of a large marketing agency, having 150 people working for her. Her income would fit into top 10% of the population. Now Elenaís website Russian Brides Cyber Guide is one of the most popular places for information about Russia - even school kids writing essays about Russia use it. Her second website Elena's Models is a dating agency for Russian girls seeking serious relationship and possible marriage, with clients in 47 countries of the world.

Tthose women are not exceptions but ordinary representatives of many thousands Russian women seeking partners via Internet.

A quick review of Russian dating agencies will reveal that the majority of Russian women hold advanced degrees and you will meet many medical doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals among them. Getting in contact with those women is as easy as purchasing their contact information through the agency.

The real reason why so many Russian women set up to seek a foreign husband is that there are not enough men: Russia has one of the highest women to men ratios in the world, with only 88 men for 100 women.

The Russian cultural paradigm is that a woman should be married, with children, and an unmarried woman is declined a respectable social status. The definition of success for a woman is to be married and bring up children, and no career can compensate for the lack of a husband.

Those two factors, demographics and the cultural notion, define the explosion in Russian dating services offering international introductions.

"Russian women do not choose between Russian men and foreign men; they choose between staying single for life and having a family and a husband", says Elena Petrova. "It is absurd to think that Russian brides just seek to escape their misery - they seek compatible partners. In fact, Russian women do not consider their life miserable. They are not desperate to emigrate and are proud of their inheritance and culture. Those women are intelligent, educated and smart, and seek men of the same virtues. They are not going to become sex slaves or cheap maids, and portraying them as such provokes real-life tragedies.

"The popular opinion about Russian brides as being low-class, poor girls who donít know better is hardly supported by facts. Itís time for a reality check. Look at the websites of Russian dating services and you will be stunned by the quality of women they introduce."

Russian Brides Cyber Guide was founded in 1999 as an informational resource for men seeking a Russian wife, and became the first website about Russian women designed by a Russian woman. The site offers a range of articles, reviews and true-life stories for anyone interested in the subject of international marriages.

Elena's Models is a dating agency introducing women from Russia and the former Soviet Union, with more than 12,000 profiles in its database and hundreds successful marriages on its records.

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