10 things to think when thinking about a Russian wife

This e-book is written by a Russian woman married to an American man for 15 years

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About the author

Olga SappMy name is Olga Sapp. I am a producer and the editor of Russian Women Magazine. I have been living in the USA for ten years. My husband is an American. Back in my homeland I was a journalist, and due to all of those circumstances I decided to create a magazine for Russian women living abroad. I wanted to help women to find themselves in a changing world. It does not mean that I know everything about this world myself, but to become stronger we Russian women need to be united.

Although, I never stopped thinking about our loving husbands and all those American men who are looking for love, and that is why I created English version of the magazine. I was not alone in this. I received a lot of support. First of all it was my dear husband Warren Sapp who helped me to start the web-site. His advices are always very valuable.

After publishing stories I received many letters in which people asked for help and advice. I noticed that many of these relationships had a similarity in in mistakes made and problems encountered. That is how I discovered the "history" of Russian-Western marriages. This resulted in my decision to write "Ten things to think when thinking about a Russian wife."

I have a Master degree in Russian language and literature and I understand and its literature and I understand perfectly that my English is not as good as it could be. However, I believe that while reading this e-book you will feel the true spirit of words that I tried to bring to my readers.

I hope you will enjoy this e-book and find a lot of helpful informationin its pages.

Sincerely, Olga Sapp

If you have any questions about my e-book or Russian-Western relationships, please contact me at book@russianwomenmagazine.com

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