10 things to think when thinking about a Russian wife

This e-book is written by a Russian woman married to an American man for 15 years

Russian brides

Real live stories of real people who had real experience in a Russian-Western marriage.

ebookAre you thinking about marrying a Russian woman?

If you are, then there are some things you should think about. Have you ever asked yourself questions such as:

1. Who is a "real" Russian woman?

2. Why do Russian women look for a foreign partner?

3. What Russian women expect from an international marriage?

4. What kind of Russian women like older men?

5. How does that first impression of a Russian woman's profile affect your choice?

6. What can happen if you date many Russian women at one time?

7. What are those "cultural differences" and are they really dangerous?

8. How not to run into a selfish Russian woman?

9. What to be honest about when on a Russian date?

10. What to be prepared for in a marriage with a Russian woman?

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When looking through dating sites have you ever thought that behind that pretty picture on your computer screen is a personal and a cultural history?

Exactly - a lot of history. This history comes along with that woman when she comes to you.

This e-book tries to explain the "history" behind that Russian woman and tells you how this "history" may affect your relationship.

Get 73 pages of interesting stories and facts!

But be aware:

• This e-book does not give advice on how to meet the right Russian girl and stay happy ever after.
• This e-book is not a long distance Russian dating guide

To be honest, I don't know the way that leads anyone to a happy marriage. I am not a specialist in this area. I also don't have any intention of sharing my love story to the world. I don't think somebody's particular positive or negative example can help anyone to choose a soul mate.

However, I believe in experience. Not just one person's experience, but the experience of many people.

I have lived in America for 10 years. I know hundreds of Russian-American couples who have good and bad experiences in marriage.

You may ask: how do I know so many people? I know these people because I am the owner of an online magazine for Russian women looking for Western men, or married to western men and living abroad. Many people write me and share their stories: how they met, how their relationship started, how it developed or how it came to an end.

I noticed that many of these relationships had a similarity in their mistakes and problems. These mistakes and problems were the result of certain personal qualities and backgrounds.

I don't want to tell anyone that in certain situations somebody's marriage is is condemned to failure or that it will be a happy one. Of course - not! What I am trying to say is this:

If a Western man is going to marry a Russian woman it would help him if he knew the "history" behind Russian-Western marriages.

For example, if a 48 y/o wants to marry a 28 y/o Russian woman, he would be interested to know how other couples with such age differences handled their relationship. Do these marriages survive and if yes, why? What problems did they experience and what held them together?

Or, if an American man lives in a small town and corresponds with a Russian big city girl, such as one from Moscow, he would probably be interested to know how other big city Russian girls transition from living in a big city to living in a small town and if they were happy in their new environment.

Or, let’s pretend you have three kids from a previous marriage and you would like to know if other Russian women make good stepmothers. How did they accept their step children?

Or, you just started to look at a nice Russian woman's profile and you wonder what kind of relationship a man like you could have with this lady in such sexy clothes?

You are probably wondering: can these nice looking ladies give up their Russian lives to come to you? What are they expecting from a Western husband?

You might also be dying to find out: what does an average 20 y/o Russian girl think about, when she starts looking for a foreign husband?

If you can learn about this things, would you buy this e-book?

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For a limited time, download "10 things to think when thinking about a Russian wife" instantly for $19.95.

And, lastly:

Clearly, this e-book is not a scientific research on inter-cultural marriage matters. This also is not a statistical report.

This is an e-book based on real live stories of real people who had real experience in a Russian-Western marriage.

You will discover a lot of amazing facts about Russian women and will be able to see your role in a Russian-Western marriage. You also will find out what opportunities and what challenges you might have when you marry a Russian woman. And I hope this e-book will help you test yourself as a future foreign woman's husband. Maybe this e-book will encourage you to make this final decision and start the relationship with one those Russian women whose profiles you saw on the Internet.

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Sincerely, Olga Sapp

If you have any questions about my e-book or Russian-Western relationship, please contact me at book@russianwomenmagazine.com.

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