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On this page you will know how to make a call to Russia or any other post Soviet republic saving money and time. How often it happens in your life when you are in search for some service and you have to spend a lot of time checking hundreds of different companies. It may take quite a few unsuccessful attempts to find something you would prefer.

Our goal is to make this search for you easier, faster and help you save your money and time. We also promise to update the list of companies, which provide international calls discount rate and we invite you to participate in it. We will be glad to get any information about phone companies with international discount call rates. All the information will be valuable for our experience.

Today's choice of the web-sites:

Nobelcom is #1 provider for cheap calls to Russia for many reasons. With over 11 years of experience, Nobelcom can guarantee the best international phone cards, the lowest rates and the best service around. Over 14 millions customers consider Nobelcom the ideal choice for low cost international calls. They are one of the few phone cards websites to offer live customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Speed dial, Pinless dialing and even apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users.

Check out some of the lowest rates for: Russia - 2.2¢  |   Ukraine - 6.9¢ |   Moldova -8.9¢ |   Latvia -2.4¢ |  

Longdistancepost.com is dedicated to providing a selection of low-cost prepaid calling cards, the best residential and commercial long distance phone services/programs, Toll Free 800 numbers, Internet access plans, T1 voice and data services, post-paid phone cards, services for existing and new mobile phone users and other discount telecommunications services. On this site, you will find a fully automated Web Store, where you can buy a calling card and receive an instant PIN - to make a call right away. Or, you can sign up for long distance service. One thing that really separates this company from the competition is their Customer Service. As you may have learned by now, you will have little luck reaching a live person at most companies selling stuff on the internet. This customer service reps will answer your phone call any day except Sunday, and they try to avoid long holding periods. Lowest rates: Russia - 3.8; Ukraine - 4.9 Moldova - 7.8 Latvia- 5.5 (cents/min)

CallingCards.com! Find the Lowest Calling Cards available on the Web.For more than 7 years, CallingCards.com has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability within the prepaid telecommunications industry. With more than 5.2 million cards sold, CallingCards.com is one of the largest online wholesalers and master distributors of prepaid calling cards. CallingCards.com Tutorial have prepared flash demonstrations that will help with the following:
How to Buy: Search for the best cards, and buy from our secure web site.
How to Use a Calling Card: See how easy it is to save on long distance.
How to Recharge: Adding minutes to your existing card takes seconds.
Lowest rates: Russia - 3; Ukraine - 9 Moldova - 9.9. Latvia 9.9 (cents/min)

Skype Skype is a little piece of software that lets you make free calls over the Internet. Skype is revolutionizing the telecom's world by allowing users to make superior quality voice calls to other Skype users for free and to land lines and mobiles worldwide for the price of a local call. Use SkypeOut to call anyone, anywhere in the world. Just buy Skype Credit to pay low per-minute rates. The credits are deducted as you make your SkypeOut calls. You can call Russia just for $0.048 and - Moscow - for $0.021 Read more about Skype

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