Dating Games

A dangerous tendency

By Julia Dash

cronic brideEach year more and more foreign men are coming to Russia looking for their life partners. Some need one trip to find their Lady Right, but for others it longs for years becoming like an emotional drug to feed their ego and increase self-esteem. They become so called “professional fiancées”. Some of them travel to Russia on a regular basis each time dating new women. They try to justify their trips presenting the next reasons:

“ I am doing that because it is a very serious life decision for me, I can not afford myself to make a fatal mistake. “
“ I am doing that because all the girls I meet in your country are so nice, pretty and kind – I like them all!”
“ I am doing that because it is exciting, it is an adventure for me, I relax in your country, I feel as time got reversed for me – I am again young, attractive, seductive. “

All of them try not to think about those left behind. New emotions and impressions are overfilling their minds, they spend all their spare time writing numerous e-mails, making international calls, sitting in chat at night. They develop their virtual romances with thrilling skill and patience. Not a result becomes their goal, but a chronic pursuit, the process itself. Sometimes it is connected with their unstable financial position – they are afraid of taking responsibility and bringing a woman to their country, but very often it is just a kind of adult entertainment without consequences.

One the other side, there are Russian women who become “chronic” brides in the real meaning of the word “chronic”. They are not going to change their life, they feel comfortable living in their country, but their life seems to be boring to them and they want to make it bright, full of surprises, unexpected calls, presents and occasional travelling. Those women recognize their male “doubles” quickly and try to avoid them by any means.

Unfortunately, this tendency to “play games”, not to take serious life decisions is developing with a high speed. And first of all, it hurts “professionals” and “chronic brides” themselves a lot. With the course of time they need more and more excitement, but the circle of their choice is naturally narrowing in connection with their increasing age. At the end, they are left with nothing: the goal of finding a life partner is not fulfilled.

There are many temptations in the world of international romance, as well as many traps and disappointments. Do not let yourself to get involved into useless relations, do not waste your time and energy for short term excitement. Remember what you are looking for and understand how much this international romance can influence all your future life. Meeting a right life partner it is a great challenge and adventure by itself and you would never regret of your choice if you had done it with genuine purposes and valid reasons.

Good luck to everybody stepping on the path of international marriage search and be careful!

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