How to Meet and Marry a Beautiful Russian Woman?

You will be introduced to fantastic women that you have only dreamed of dating


What if I told you that you can meet, date, and eventually marry an educated, young, beautiful exotic woman that reciprocates your feelings and accepts you for who you are?

Would you think this is not possible?

Well it is not only possible but it is very probable.

My name is Larisa Dostal. I am professional matchmaker with more than 12 year of experience. I married to American man in live in Texas for 2 years. I had helped hundreds of people meet each other start a happy family.

What I have developed is a unique matchmaking service that focuses on relationships between Western men and Russian speaking women. This is not a dating site or some scam based on your $9.95 payment. It is a time developed process tailored specifically for you and guaranteed to bring you success.

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Matchmaking Program

Phase I – Introduction

We screen you and interview to understand your wants and needs. We also start to work with you on preparation for introductions.

Once we have an idea of the women that would be suitable we start to recruit and present who you are to potentially qualified women. After we get satisfied that a woman is a strong presentation to you, then we present.

This phase is obviously always ongoing. Billing for the next phase starts when we have presented 5 suitable women to you. It can also end if you enter into communication with only one woman and wish to not meet more women.

“Suitable women” will be defined by you and I. If we are off our mark on a woman and you do not wish to communicate with her, this is not a suitable woman. If you wish to and they are as we presented them to be, then this is “suitable”.

Phase II – Relationship Nurturing

This phase becomes necessary once you start building a relationship with a woman. This long distance situation needs some special attention – especially when you deal with two cultures. Though I will continue to present other women to you as you wish, I will also spend time communicating with both you and your new woman to help with raising the level of communication.

This phase continues until the relationship becomes serious. If you are meeting women in the US, this is defined by an exclusive relationship. If you are dating a woman from Russia or other former soviet countries, this is when marriage is impending. As we enter this phase, we need some very special things for you and the woman. Of course, the communication must continue very high but also now preparing for the move to the US. I will not counsel on completing visa paperwork but I will help your fiancée understand the situation. I will also help her prepare for the move.

This phase does not end at the move but rather the marriage. That short period in the US before marriage is crucial time. I will continue to be an advisor to her and help her through adjustment issues. I will also be available for you.

Travel Dating Package

Some men like to go to Russia and meet several women. If you are the man that knows he is going only does not know who he will meet, this is for you. We will arrange everything for you but your flights (though sometimes I can help with the S7 flights!). You will be able to go to one or several cities in Russia. We will arrange your room, transportation, translators, and sight seeing. You will meet up to ten women that we have pre-selected and you have approved of. Sometimes one falls through and one must be added and this case you do not know as well but this is not often.

After you meet this women, you can select who you would like to see the city with. We will work with them to make these arrangements.

This can be a very fun trip.

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All you need to do - send me a letter at mm_kzn@yahoo.com

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Ad Service

We also run an ad service for men. In Russia, it is still quite popular to run personal ads. We do this for you. We write it and get it placed in the right papers for you.


Sometimes men use us for consulting. This can be to speak to an screen a woman for him. Sometimes to figure out what is being communicated.

Get First Confidential consultation FREE


All you need to do - send me a letter at mm_kzn@yahoo.com


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