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I had a recent question come to me about use of internet in Russia. A man has recently met a woman and wishes to have a video chat with her. She has answered that she does not have access to proper internet. His question to me was whether this could possibly be true or was the woman hiding something.

My answer to him was that internet is readily available in the cities and not available very much in villages. This does not mean she has internet. I did not have fast internet four years ago until I needed it in my relationship with my now-husband. It is not a free service and when you have internet at work, you may not need it at home.

I suggested to the man to have the woman ask a friend to use their internet for a video chat. Doing this one time should not be a problem.

The question has many more layers to it beyond the availability of the internet. The man certainly wished to validate the woman’s identity by seeing her face in real-time. When she was unable to give this “check-up”, he immediately thought her to be fraudulent or hiding something.

In a long distance relationship, you cannot have these creeping feelings of insecurity that a woman is not being truthful. At the same time, when you start a relationship, making sure it is real in all aspects is very smart. It is difficult to do on your own sometimes.

As the relationship goes on, the man may start to believe that his long distance partner is writing other men and searching for a better opportunity. He will not have the opportunity to drive up to her door to check as he would in a local, visa-free area. He will have to learn to trust what he does not see.

I think they call this faith.

When you start to have faith in a person, that is when the real relationship starts. Your insecurities are set free and you can clearly focus on the relationship and yourself and not worry about someone else’s actions or motives.

Are there scammers in Russia that would pose as someone else in the dating process?

Sure. There are cheaters everywhere. We hear of them in churches, and politics and even college sports have some despicable people but we continue to believe and have faith in these systems.

My thoughts for the man is validate and let it go As a matchmaker, I would do this validation for him but that was another discussion. Get your questions and thoughts behind you so you can focus on getting to know this other person.

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