Why did I marry a Russian woman?

Since I married my Russian wife I always get a question: "Why did you choose a Russian woman?". My answer is: "I wasn't looking for Russian, American or Chinese woman. I was looking for a woman, my other half, my destiny. It happens she was Russian. Here is my story about how we met.

Back in 2000, it must have been sometime in late November, early December. After I had been divorced for a year and feeling down and out. I felt that my life overall was a standstill. My daughter was living with me. We didn't have much of a father-daughter relationship. She was in school and working full-time.

One night, I was fooling around on the Internet. A dating site popped-up on the screen. I decided to check it out. My daughter walked in after returning from school, while I was on that site. She made a comment about the site, (AmericanSingles.com ). She said to me, "Hum Dad, Are you looking for a hot date, Dad". Nevertheless I continued on. In a way she was right. I just wanted to see if there was a possibility for me to meet and date a lady about my age. I wasn't looking for no one to get serious with. I was just tired of staying home night after night as time pasted on by. I wrote to a couple of girls for a while. I date one girl a couple of time. Dinner and a movie.

One night in April of 2001, as I was jotting names while browsing thought the site as I read their profiles. I kept coming back to a girl named Marina. I didn't pay to much attention to where she was from. I was very intrigued with her profile. I must have read it five or six times. I had made a decision to write to Marina. I had nothing to lost! The worst thing that could happen. I would not hear from her. Two days later I received a short reply from her. She told me that she was from Latvia (a former Soviet republic) and thanked me for writing to her, and asked me to write more about myself and where I was from. She also asked me about my expectations of life. That got me to thinking of what I really wanted out of life. During this time in my life I had not focused on my future and my happiness. My interest at the time was to put my daughter through school and in my work. I really had an eye opening at that moment.

Marina and I wrote to each other for two months. I told her I wanted to hear her voice. She said that was OK! But, she asked me to speak very slowly. She was taking English lessons for a few months at that time. So, I bought a phone card and called her one Thursdays after I got home from work. Not realizing the time difference. It was midnight, her time. She was very sleepy and very nervous, I was too. After that I called her on Saturdays at a more convenient time for her. After a few telephone conversations I told her I wanted to meet her in person. We both got excited about that idea. So for the next few weeks she got busy fixing her apartment and I made all the travel arrangements.

In September 2001 I got on a plane traveled to Riga Latvia to meet Marina. Oh yes, she was so nervous about our meeting, she asked her sister to be there with her when I arrived. Marina and her sister represent a warm heart and the loving family background that they come from. All credit to their Mother for raising two fine Ladies.

Today, I am very proud to call Marina my wife. We have been married for seventeen months. We married in my home town, San Antonio, Texas where I presented her to my huge family. There is more to the story after the marriage, but that will come later.

I want to thank that site AmericanSingles.com for popping up on my screen on that day that I was just browsing on the Internet. So guy's, don't give up hope, there are many dating sites out there on the Internet where you can find that special girl, that just maybe, will be part of you, that will make your life exciting and rejuvenating. Just keep in mind! There is that culture difference that you just might have to work a little extra hard on. But it's all worth it. And along with that comes the financial part. And at times the frustration with INS. If you decide to take the plunge!!

I want to thank Olga Sapp and her website, RussianWomenMagazine.com for an exciting and very informative site on dating and other issues that in so many ways benefits most single men and women that are looking for that other significant one that will bring a smile and joy in their lives. It give many Russian women married to American men assistance on the many possible difficulties that they many encounter in their new world.

A happy American man, married to a beautiful and exciting Russian woman.

Edward Garcia
Hurst, Texas

P.S. My daughter and I have a loving relationship now. She adores her new stepmum. That puts the icing on the cake!!


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