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Learn Russian

On this page we help you to learn Russian and share with you the information about learning Russian language. Here you can find Language software, e-Books, Books, and Useful links.

Russian Alphabet

Language software and devices:
  • Russian Language for lovers This is the original (and only) Russian course designed specifically for relationships, and we hope that this will give you the helping hand you need to communicate successfully in all of the important stages of your relationship with a Russian woman.
  • Russian Language Teachers & Talking Translators Exceptional electronic dictionaries: 1 000 000 words, travel phrases, grammar book, Russian speech translation and accent correction. Irreplaceable when visit Russia!
  • The Russian Editor A windows notepad with an onscreen keyboard. Try out this handy Editor fitted with a Russian keyboard! The Full Solution for your Russian editing and text conversion needs!


  • How To Learn Any Language - On Your Own, As Quickly And Easily As Possible! Fantastic New E-book Shows You How To Learn Any Language In Just Six Months!


  • Russian for Beginners - Written in 1962, this Harper Perennial has stood the test of time. Almost fifty years later it's still one of the best beginners guides around. It gives you a beginning vocabulary of 4000 of the most used Russian words, a decent overview of all the grammar rules and readings based on the previous lessons.
  • First Thousand Words in Russian With large comic book style pages, vocabulary items are depicted in a color drawing that covers most of the page. On the page borders are small individual depictions of the vocabulary items with the name beneath it in Russian, there are no English translations (except in the glossary) because none are ever needed.
  • Teach Yourself Beginner's Russian Script Readers wanting to learn the basics of reading and writing a new language that employs script will find all they need in the Teach Yourself Beginner's Script series. Each book includes a step-by-step introduction to reading and writing in a new language as well as tips and practice exercises to build learners' skills. Thanks to the experts at Teach Yourself, script will no longer be all "Greek" to language learners--unless of course, it is Greek script!
  • Hugo Language Course: Russian In Three Months (with Cassettes) These Three-Month Language Courses are outstanding self-study programs designed for the individual seeking to acquire a good working knowledge of a language in a short amount of time. Devoting just over an hour daily to the course, the program provides grammar lessons, contextual conversion drills, relevant word lists, and graded exercises, giving you an immediate and practical grasp of the language.
  • Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian, Book 1 Both volumes of this beginning-level Russian-language program address the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), as well as culture. Each unit, based on a common theme, contains a set of goals for each of the skills, supported by dialogues, texts, exercises, and other material necessary for the achievement of these goals. Both volumes present a balance of functional competence on the one hand, and accuracy on the other.
  • The New Penguin Russian Course The Russian language presents a lot of difficulties at the outset for beginners. With this book, everything becomes very non-threatening. You can easily learn a lot of small grammatical details. All verbs are given in both aspect forms, and noun irregularities are shown.
  • Master the Basics: Russian If you're looking for an introduction to Russian, with dialogues and lessons, this book is not for you. It is, however, the clearest book to explain the grammatical concepts.
  • Basic Russian Workbook Designed as supplementary material for language study, Berlitz Basic and Intermediate Workbooks feature 24 units and exercises that will help improve grammar and vocabulary. Includes a final test section with a complete answer key to help students increase proficiency and confident.
  • The Oxford Russian Dictionary The perfect reference for tourists, students, and businesspeople, this authoritative Russian-English, English-Russian dictionary furnishes translations of 45,000 essential words and phrases, along with idiomatic expressions, pronunciation keys, accent tips, and more.

Useful links:

  • Kniga.com Your source of Russian books in the US. A large selection of Russian classics and contemporary Russian literature. Russian Books - secure online ordering.
  • Language Schools - Worldwide language schools directory