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Russian woman short story about her vacation in Hawaii

HawaiiToday I decided to write a short story about my vacation in Hawaii.

Dear readers, please, close your eyes and imagine beautiful island in the middle of the ocean...That was my first day of vacation in Hawaii, Waikiki, after so many years of hard work.

I was very happy to meet my best friend Irina and her husband Anthony from England who were on vacation there as well.

The scenario of our vacation after then was revealed in best Russian traditions, in spite the fact we were on US territory and we both had our foreign husbands with us. We had Russian dinner, Russian drinks and long-long conversations about meaning of the life and immigrant's life.

Days were flying away. We enjoyed the beach, the ocean, various excursions, scuba diving and trips to the islands. My most pleasant moments I spent just laying on the hot sand and feeling sun warmth on my tired body. It was my first real holiday time after all hard years of immigration. What a happiness not to think about anything, not to be concerned and disturbed! Only vacation, communication with my friends and new experiences!

I was very surprised to see so many Japanese people on the island. They were shopping, running around, and sometimes I thought that Waikiki was a part of Japan :-)…

The locals "Hawaiians" seemed to me very slow and lazy. If you want to ask for directions, please, be very patient and do not expect to get the answers right away. Maybe it's "Hawaiian's sun" or climate in general, but people seems to be much more relaxed and less caring.

The last day of my vacation in that paradise approached very quickly. It made me feel very sad - to leave those islands, to see off my friends. I did not want to go back to my crazy and busy life. I felt in love with the ocean, weather, trees and even "Hawaiians' seemed to be very nice people.

For one moment, I realized how difficult it was to be without close friends and how hard is the immigrant's road to success!

I knew that I would be back to this beautiful island in the middle of the ocean and even in ten years from now, I would be still the same, Russian girl from Ukraine. I thought that I would be always proud that I speak and think in Russian, and be proud that I belong to the one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world.

Best Wishes,
Katya A.

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