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Russian women life abroad

Here you will find Russian women's stories about their new life abroad. They will tell you how they adjust to different cultures and traditions, what they feel and think and how they find themselves in an ever changing world. Russian women stories, Russian women useful links.

Russian women stories:

  • Paradise on Earth - Every person should have the place, that he calls "paradise". We do not live in paradise, but we need it from time to time, in order to visit it, wrapping ourselves in the world of love and peace.
  • My first steps in the new country - A real story about Russian women that were truing to fit in American environment. A story about their first steps and mistakes, and support which they received from Americans.
  • Nagging Questions - This story is about a Russian woman experience in playing a small role for a TV commercial in Canada.
  • Oksana is an American citizen - a Russian woman story about becoming a citizen.
  • On the other side of the iron curtain - First time in West Berlin and the fall of the Berlin wall.
  • How I was an angel -One day I read a small book: how to be an angel in everyday life to people around you. I decided to try it
  • My Goal – American Husband - An article about the book which will answer all questions Americans asked the author during last six years of her marriage to an American man!
  • I Can't Imagine Myself Dancing Again - When her friend told her about Go-Go dancing or Striptease dance in bars, she was shocked, but after a while it seemed to her like the best choice.
  • One Day Olga Sapp tells a story about insignificant events that took place far from war.
  • The Russian Women and Their Destinies Natalia Tkachenko trying to analyze: "The women who departure to save their daughters from the same women underestimation in their home countries…"
  • I Am Columbus - Or the first ear of immigration in America "I am - the Columbus", whose ship cracked new the new shores and never returned back to his own land…", - said the author Natalia Tkachenko.
  • How We Celebrated New Year and Christmas We celebrated New Year almost as if we were in Russia. We were far from our relatives, but close to our husbands.
  • Spring His mother's name is Vesna. Which is "Spring" in Russian. Her mother's name was Svetlana. Which is "Light" everywhere.
  • The Magic Land Traveler's story about visiting friends in the Oregon.
  • Cat Nostalgic sketch about a woman talking with her memory assumed the aspect of a cat.
  • Finally, I am Home! A story about misadventures during a trip from a home town in Latvia to a new home in America after September, 11.
  • My First Car The didactic and comic story about the dramatic driving experience.
  • Alice in the Wonderful Garden This story is dedicated to emigrants of all epochs.
  • Russian Hawaii I knew that I would be back to this beautiful island in the middle of the ocean and even in ten years from now, I would be still the same, Russian girl from Ukraine.
  • Angling a la American American way to go fishing it differ from Russian. Only one thing is in common - we all do it for fun.

Useful links:

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  • Welcome to America - English-Russian Version is an immense and in-depth guide… An extensively thorough yet down-to-earth practical and easy-to-follow instructional, and an absolute "must-have" for anyone braving the challenge of a new culture, legal system and way of life.
  • Russian women Books - eBooks about relationship with your foreign bride and books about marriage with Russian woman.
  • Place your ad - Are you a single man, looking for a Russian wife? Are you married to a Russian woman and looking for new friends in your city - Russian-international couples? May be you need a Russian interpreter or a Russian language teacher in your area? Our magazine is a good place to publish your ad.
  • Legal Advice - Here you will find answer to your questions about fiance and spouse visa; green card and citizenship; marriage to a Russian woman, and divorce from Russian wife.
  • Learn Russian - On this page we help you to learn Russian and share with you the information about learning Russian language.
  • Call Russia cheap - On this page you will know how to make a call to Russia or any other post Soviet republic saving money and time.