How to Survive in International Marriage

My Goal – American Husband. Learn about Your Partner's Expectations

COVER“Each year, over 200,000 citizens of the United States marry foreign-born persons and petition for them to obtain permanent residence in the U.S.” (http://www.shusterman.com/marriage.html)
This book written for those who seek or build intercultural marriage, for those, who just want to become more culture competent and well- rounded, for those, who look for a good spiritual story with some struggle, some humor, and some life advices. This book is for people who cherish true stories.
Have you ever seen a black hen sacrifice in order to help your finances? Have you heard about black ram sacrifice for the sake of the family? Have you lived among people who have two problems: “How to earn more money?” and “Where to immigrate?”

This book will answer all questions Americans asked me during last six years of my marriage to an American man! This is the first book written by a Russian wife from Uzbekistan, a Muslim Republic, who describes Uzbekistan and creates rules for a happy international marriage.

Why do you I have a desire to write about my international marriage? Why do I feel the responsibility? Well, I am moved by one goal – to help people understand other cultures, and to guide Americans in their search of happy relationship. It is easy to be happy when you have beauty, health, and wealth. If you want your marriage to be stable, to survive hardships, you have to be prepared for parent-child relationship, first. My husband almost died 3 times during our marriage. He survived not just because he was married to me, but because he was my mentor in this country. He did not hesitate to teach me everything he could about the language, customs, driving, and making decisions for both of us.

Are you willing to compromise in your international marriage? I was, that is why we moved a lot, and Florida is my firth state in 7 years. Did he compromise? Yes, when he let me put his personal information in the book. I know one man, who was afraid to compromise, and now he has Russian wife, who lost her beauty and her mind. She was in a mental care several times already.

Yes, it is easy in some ways to have a foreign wife. Because she is more patient than American women are. Why? She can not get mad at you and slam the door, and go to stay at her Mom’s house! That is why foreign wife learns patience here, where she has no other family but you.

Americans, who think that foreign wife is a cheap wife are wrong. I explain all those details in my book.
I married a mature man, who helped me mature, so we both can take care of our family and be happy. It is important to both partners to be dedicated to adapt, to adjust, to listen, to learn, to transform in international marriage. People do change. If you are not ready for a change, you are not ready for international marriage. People can grow mature, learn from their mistakes. Keith and I found that love, patience and dedication to stay married will help people to survive in multicultural marriage.

My book is available on yahoo.com, amazon.com,

Or directly from the publisher (faster) authorhouse.com . Thanks for taking time to read this introduction to my book. Please see reviews to it: How to Survive in International Marriage

Be well. God bless. Happy holidays from Oksana Leslie.


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