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I Met My Husband through the Marriage Agency


By Marina K. Schei

Russian-Norwegian coupleI met my husband through an agency, which was helping American bachelors to find Siberian brides. My correspondence with Americans was not that successful. Their easy way of communication seemed to me too unceremonious. Working as an interpreter I got used to reserved briefness of foreign business partners.

My future husband was polite, practical and realistic. He had a good sense of humor and wrote about interesting things, for example, traveling. I saw that we had some in common and I felt I could trust him. That is why I agreed to meet him during my summer holidays in his native town. We both were a bit shy and nervous before our meeting. No wonder, it was the first experience of meeting the foreigner for such a personal purpose for both of us. Our agreement was that in any case we can spend a holiday together, and if we decide not to get married, we still could be good friends.

When I saw him at the airport in Stavanger, Norway, my first reaction was to run away. That means that I did not fall in love immediately. However, from the moment we started talking, I found it interesting. We went on talking during all two weeks we spent together. I liked the atmosphere of his house: a lot of books, and CDs everywhere… Instead of staying at home, we took his car and traveled all over Scandinavia, I could visit Oslo and Stockholm and those weren't the business trips. I was touched by his attitude towards me: he was very courteous and did his best to make our trip pleasant and comfortable for me. So, finally I was charmed, according to the fact that he proposed to me, he was charmed too. All Russian girls should smile at this part of my story, because maybe our strong belief that we are the most charming women in the world contributes to our success.

I left my future husband, and went to visit my relatives in Germany. After that I returned home and started the process of preparing documents for the marriage. During those four months our correspondence was intensive and we spoke over the phone almost every day.

I came to Norway just before Christmas. Our wedding day was on 12th of January, so we had time to prepare: found the dress, rings and booked dinner at a local restaurant. Maybe due to my pleasant recollections I still consider that this place is the best restaurant here. If you ever visit this part of Norway, enjoy the unique atmosphere and exquisite cuisine in "Gamla Værket". My husband also booked a room to spend a night there. Advantages of his decision I got to appreciate later.

We chose English as a language for the official ceremony, and in addition I received the text of the speech in Russian. When we met our guests at the restaurant, they all were in an excellent mood and ready for the enjoyable evening. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the fact that the mother and two sisters of my husband came wearing traditional Norwegian dresses. I'm afraid, I saw traditional Russian wedding only on TV.

At 2 p.m. when the rest of our guests left us after a good portion of cognac and Irish coffee, I realized how nice it was to stay at the cozy room instead of driving home. In the morning we drank some Champagne (in accordance with Russian aristocratic habit), and my husband gave me his wedding present: a necklace with diamonds. What a nice Norwegian tradition! I tell you, my friendly reader, I did not expect that, and since that unforgettable day my necklace is always with me.

We had spent together several days, and I had to go back to Russia in order to finish my work, prepare my son for moving abroad and pack things. In June 2001 my son and I arrived to Norway and our new life started. However, this is the beginning of the next story.

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