Love story about Russian woman and American man

Made for Each Other

By Galina Maksimova

First Letter

LETTERThat change to the prosperous and happy life I have now happened to be in the most difficult time for me. That time I felt so empty, with no future ahead and only sadness in the past. My past was over and disappeared forever with no sign for the better.

Time passed and I realized for what I have now I had to give up something in the past with no regrets about it. I lost my favorite job and then I lost my love. The research center I have been working for many years shut down, my young man left saying: “I met another woman”. And there I was, alone with all my obligations, unbearable suffer and fear for the future.

I did not let myself to crash. After all we all went through the roughest times when Perestroika started and when our country collapsed. A short time after that shock I was back to life, rented my apartment and moved to my mother’s place. I also started attending aerobics and special gymnastics classes. I started thinking about my own business and, finally, I bought the paper with the ads from the international dating service. I took my chance, sending my picture with a profile to them. This last move was the most significant.

In a few months the first letters came from a lot of different countries. One day there was a letter from USA. To tell the truth the thought of living in that country never even crossed my mind. It was too far away and too mysterious. I slowly opened that letter and the first thing caught my eye – it was my own picture on the front page of computer printed letter. On the second page there was a picture of a man in a military uniform. What was my first impression? I remember only confusion. This man appeared to me as a hero from American movies, which by that time I have seen a lot.

The letter began the following way….”Dear Alexandra, Well, what does one say to a total stranger in order to try to impress her? I guess I can start out by telling you how I came about writing this letter to you. That's sounds like a logical starting point. Don't you think? ” Then there was a story how he found my picture. One night he was surfing online looking at the pictures of Russian ladies. He just read an article in a paper about Russian brides and decided top check the mentioned in a paper web site. “I’ve seen a few sites like that before, but never thought much about them, because those women were so far away. Nevertheless, on this particular night I was considering the thought of writing to one. So, after looking at many of the pictures, I came across yours. I looked at your picture for awhile. Your pose and smile struck me. I read what your profile told about you. After looking at your picture some more I sad to myself: "Why not?" Therefore, I paid the 15 US dollars to get your address and only your address. So here I am writings to you".  Then he wrote about himself. A captain of the National Guard. That was really interesting. Fond of sports and active life style…. not bad at all.  Got scared by his requirements to the future bride-perfect English, ability to work. (in a foreign country, with no language!). Got carried away by his compliments to me.

The manner of his writing impressed me most of all. You could easily picture from it a smart, intelligent, sincere man, who is able to express his thoughts in a logic and clear way. The letter was ended with following words….”I do know that if we did continue to correspond and we felt a "connection" I would not waste any time. I would just take a chance and meet you in your place or you could come over here if you can easily get a visa. Anyway, please do write me back, if nothing else, just to let me know that you got this letter. If by chance you have access to computer and to Internet, you can send me e-mail. In any case, I wish you well. This may not be such a good idea anyway. It is only some spur of the moment fantasy. Just some ridicules dream I am having now about meeting an attractive woman who picture I saw on the Internet” And signature-Frank. 

Again and again I read his letter, trying to penetrate into his thoughts. I was picturing a brave, handsome man at the computer and he was staring at my photo. I could not believe the letter was really addressed to me. At night his picture was coming back to my imagination and then I was trying to see us together. Could it be possible? I was asking myself that question so many times and was afraid to answer it. I could not fall asleep. And in the morning my next door neighbor asked me what happened, as I was not looking myself.

That was the moment I realized the change came into my life. Deep inside me I knew already that I met my fate. My friend who had a computer with Internet service offered to go to her place and send e-mail to my American man. Her husband helped to write the letter in English. The answer came next day. That was the beginning of our romance in letters. 


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