Russian woman love story about meeting American husband

Love and Mutual Understanding

By Olga Wright

Russian-American familyI would like to tell you about our family and how we found each other. We started to look for another half at the same time. I applied at the international marriage agency and my profile was posted on the Internet a short time later. Within the next couple weeks, I got about 30 letters from various men. Some of them were well written but had no picture attached. For me it was hard to reply to that kind of letters without having looked into someone's eyes. Communication, as I regard it, is something I would like to tell specifically to a particular person. Thus, having no idea how one looks like, I do not really know what to tell him. It was the reason I did not want to bother communicating with paper sheets. Once I saw HIS picture, something inside me whispered, "This man is the one and I want to be with him". Our correspondence started this way and for me it was so easy communicating with him!

I would write him what attracts me in our relations: first, we could exchange our pictures, then, get to know each other through the correspondence and, finally, touchingly anticipate our first date. I printed out his pictures. One of them I would always carry around with me, the other one I put on the foreground at home. I merely lived in a dream of happy family. My people did not really understand me and for sure, they did not believe any of my "ravings". The agency that helped my correspondence kept getting letters from other men responding to my profile. I was advised to be in a correspondence with a few of them and then chose the right one but I told them that I had already found one. I guess, I am a rare lucky person to have found my "half" through the Internet so fast: many women are spending years exchanging e-mails.

After 4.5 months of the correspondence, he finally came to see me. He was flying in the next morning and he called me from Moscow the evening before that to tell that he was getting closer to me. His voice was so happy! Through our correspondence, we had already become very close but yet we had not seen each other in real life. It finally happened, and he looked exactly the way I imagined him. We spent 10 days together, not parting with each other for a single moment. We strolled through the town, went to the theater, and met my family and friends.

I remember us traveling with my friends to see a cloister in the old Russian village. He was amazed by beautiful wooden Russian houses, water from a pump and an abacus in a local grocery store. Time flew by and our happy time was nearly over. My husband tells me now, it was the happiest time in his entire life; he cannot explain why for what it makes sense only for two of us, experienced deep feelings for each other. When leaving, he took my papers for fiancee visa application.

We thought we would see each other again in 3-5 months but, because of various force-majeure circumstances, it became possible only 19 months later, when I finally got my visa. Up to that time, my little daughter Natalya would tell everyone that her Dad lives in America and soon she is going to join him there. She loved scrutinizing our pictures together and showing them to the guests. When we finally made it to America, my daughter was 3.5 years old. At first, we felt ourselves very much out of place and she was begging me to go back but I knew we are on a one-way road to our cherished dream. Quite soon, everything fell into place: Tracy easily found a common language with Natalya, we got married and become this happiest family where reigns love and mutual understanding.

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