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Chapter from the book "Fire and ice" by Yelena McGregor

By Yelena McGregor

RUSSIAN JOURNALISTI continued search of Mr. Right using the company’s email facilities. I got a few virtual friends who quit writing to me with no reason and no explanation which was another culture shock to me and showed that I was still naive and trusting of people judging people based on my standards and morals.

I thought that everybody is nice and truthful. Big mistake! I lived in a perfect world I created by myself and I see it through rose-tinted spectacles, a world without crooks, liars and murderers.

I got disappointed in human beings a lot during my search of the one and only. But I needed to learn these life’s lessons to be able to protect myself in the future.

One day I got a letter from the guy who lived in Amsterdam (red flag!). I should have been struck before remembering what this city is famous for and people who live there when I started to exchange e-mails with him. But who knew? Luckily for me, he confessed in his letter that he was gay and if I still wanted to meet him I was welcome to come to Amsterdam ( !!!!) at my expense again (remember Chad?). How many times could I afford traveling to meet every guy I met on the web? I was just amazed at the fact that all the guys I met on the web used to tell me the same thing: come and meet me in my country! It seemed sweet of them to do that, but it was all infeasible and they all wanted an easy life: no traveling, no expenses, thinking if you are desperate you would come and he has all the rights to turn you down. It was impossible for most girls in the CIS countries to travel because of the high cost of air-tickets, their low income and hassles in obtaining visas.

You would need a letter of invitation from a guy, go to the Embassy, pay for the interview, book an air ticket, fly to his city, meet him, sleep with him, and if he does not like you (or you do not like him) you would have to fly back to where you came from ! And you have to do he same with every guy you met on the Internet ! But I guess it was these guys’ fault because they assumed you just jump on the plane and fly…..

Even my present husband being wise and knowledgeable about such thing as Immigration, offered me the same thing to do when I met him on the web assuming that after the fall of the USSR we could travel hassle-free.

I was tired of explaining to every guy I met that I could not come to see him in his country visa that I sent Paul a harsh e-mail. He realized it in the future.

Another virtual friend of mine offered me the same thing. He lived in Finland and thought that it was easy for Russians
to travel to Finland due to the proximity, which was partially true. I even phoned travel agencies in Moscow in an attempt to get arrangements for my trip to Finland. They rejected me saying that they provided service only for people who live in Russia ( ?!).

And you would think that we live in a small world interconnected with computers, e-mails, faxes, etc. and money is green. Why would you reject a potential client who pays you with cash? We call it “Russian business” meaning no-customer service, doing business which is convenient to an agency only.

About the book "Fire and ice":

This is a romantic extraordinary novel based on a true story about two people from the two polar cultures and life styles who made the most use of the modern Hi-Tech to meet and marry and happily live after in the foreign country. The book colorfully describes the differences and even clashes of the three cultures: American, Russian and Jamaican. It, in its essence, is an educational thriller with all the elements inherent to this genre: con-artists, betrayals and fraud.

To order the book just send an email to Yelena McGregor and she will send it to you for free!!!

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