Russian wives married for visa

Not Serious Classification

MalvinaSo, you can divide all people into Russians and foreigners. Russians live in the former USSR (further in the text - Russia) or abroad. Those who live in Russia condemn immigrants or want to leave too. And some other people do both things, but they never admit it. Russians abroad can be divided into Russian wives of foreigners and all others. Almost everybody does not like Russian wives (in English variant - FSUW - former soviet union woman), except their husbands. Other people do not like the rest of immigrants because "they achieved everything easily", but " all of us had to obtain everything with our own power". Also they do not like Russians from Russia because "they were sold for visa".

Russian wives in turn can be divided into two categories:

- those who have really married for the sake of visa
- and those who really love their husbands

It is the majority of the last type but it is not interesting to discuss us, because we are happy, and " all happy families are happy the same ".

As for the first type of Russian wife - some variants are possible here.

1. A girl - Malvinochka.

She is from 18 till 28 years old, Malvina did not live in time of empty shop shelves, darned pantyhose and toilet paper on money coupons. She certainly remembers all this, but that was her childhood, and these problems were not her problems but her mother ones. Malvina-girl does not like the impartial validity of a native city - vagabonds, tram boors, the prices for Chinese lacy linen, the wholesale markets. And she dreams about Hollywood, palm trees, white-toothed blonds in red cabriolets, fashions shows, vacation in Hawaii, credit cards and the American Dream, green as bucks and as green card.

2. A women who hates Russian muzhiks (so called Russian man-hater).

In the past she had a lot of unsuccessful relations. During 6 years one man promised her to get a divorce, another one - was unfaithful to her, the third man - abused her. She is divorced, or never been married, but years pass.... She comes to a conclusion, that all Russian muzhiks - the shit, and it extremely illogically conducts to a conclusion that all foreign men are real gems. This woman grows blue hair and follows after Malvina by swift step.

3. A mother.

The whole life she worked in two changes, carried the bags, gave birth - raised , washed - cooked, served, but the salary was not enough, and then she thought what did this country do good to her?
Her motto is " my children are worth of a better life! " She dreams for her son to study in Harvard, the daughter - in Cambridge (it does not matter that one university is located in the USA, and another one in England, she does not know about it), and she donates herself thinking: " he is not such an old " and "marry first, and love will come afterwards". Some marriage agencies use such women without any shame and like masters heighten their errors about foreign countries like about the countries of the fools tired of independent women. Men in the agencies "are seriously oriented", all of them "have their own business " and simply dream to make you happy, dear women.

And what is further?

The mother, Malvina and the man-hater arrive to fiance after a long correspondence and couple of phone calls through a translator. In 89 days all of these three women get married. Own business turns out to be the semibasement in which all family models ravioli 12 hours in day. The lacy linen is made in the same China, but costs in 15 times expensively. On credit card there is such a big sum of debts that you will not pay it for 12 years, and the house is mortgaged.
One year of the education in Harvard costs the astronomical amount, and the husband besides has his own two teenagers from first marriage which must be sent to study in college too.

Malvina gets terrible understanding that Hollywood is in California, and she is in the steppe village with the population of 1500 inhabitants. She understands that it is 7 hours flight to Hawaii, and with her bad English there is nothing for her but work in McDonalds. The mother with her accounting education gets a job at the bank as a cleaner, and the man-hater awakes once being married unemployed drunkard who drives her to work - " I have pulled you out from such back-water, all your life you must be grateful to me! "

All three women feel deeply wretch and defrauded, their dreams are broken. They appeared in the strange unloved country, with strange unloved man, without friends and relatives. But also there is no way back. " You have left your motherland, but you have not put into another one ". They left Russia with "respectable" reasons and now after being abroad they go home to see parents, but they like Russia even less than earlier.

Those who know about Internet, turn their glances and complaints to sites where other Russians communicate. They try frankly (and sometimes not much) to tell their story and ask for advice and moral encouragement. In answer the rest of immigrants and Russians from Russia call them traitors and sometimes whores. What a pity!

The conclusion.

Hey, do not take all this seriously to heart, OK? The other day I have just read a lot of information in forums from Internet. There are so many "terrible" stories there. Everyone is hidden under nicks so it is impossible not only to back up those stories but to refute them too, so…

This classification is certainly very non-scientific, some places are disputable and mainly - it is ABSOLUTELY NOT SERIOUS. There are exceptions of each the item. Sometimes there are so many exceptions that they refute the rules. That's all. If someone has taken offense - I did it not out of spite.


The article is translated by Anna Kazak


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