Russian Women and American Husbands

Are Russian Women Happy with their American Husbands?

Two different points of view

Sick of this permanent baseball-golf-football thing

Dear Ms Staff (sorry if I spelled it wrong. I know there is a woman-editor of this magazine), Couple of words abut what I saw there... Let's say it is "too soapy"... I've been in this country for 3 years already & I see more and more ex-Russian ladies who are not happy with their American partners. Those,who can adapt & have a dream to be a housewife (less brains needed - better) are quite happy. But even those - study, learn and... who knows, in a couple of years a divorce will follow. There are exceptions - but who knows? Maybe u'll get sick of this permanent baseball-golf-football thing on the sofa & you'll decide to look for the adventures again? I don't argue, it's just a point of view -- I can't ague with those, who are happily married, in love, etc.


I Adore my American son-in-law

My daughter married American man only because she could not find her soul mate at home. She was left alone with a one-year-old son.

My girl grew up on the fairy-tales where the main hero would turn into a prince by a snap of a finger. My mother and I did our best to bring up and educate the girl. We took her to the theater, art exhibitions, trying to install into her human values. We did our best for her to become a smart, intelligent and intellectual girl. I think that all the mothers did their best to bring up their sons. However, it is extremely hard in Russia to find your way, especially to achieve something substantial. A thick crowd of admirers surrounds the lucky successful guys and there was no way for a simple girl, dreaming just of having a normal family, to get through this crowd.

Plus to this, it was impossible for Russian girls who are over twenty years old to meet a decent man in Russia. Then our girls started looking around a world. What else was left for them? As any other mother I wished only the best for my daughter and my grandson. To tell the truth, I was concerned when my daughter decided to marry a foreigner. I was afraid for my grandson: "If his own father didn't want to take any part in his life what could you expect from a stranger?"

Now all my worries are in the past. It is my third visit to US, and I have to admit I feel sorry for the life we have in Russia. To my own surprise I like American men more and more- their healthy look, their attitude towards women and especially towards kids. I simply adore my son-in-law. I can understand his love for my daughter but no words can describe all love and responsibility he has for my grandson. I wish that at list hundredth part of Russian fathers would be like American dads.

In Russia I live near the Zoo and see the same picture all the time-only moms and grandmothers are walking with their kids. In America men take an active part in children's lives.

Now my daughter and grandson have everything you can only dream of in Russia. It's a pity that a six-years-old boy, my grandson, doesn't want to be Russian, he refuses to speak his native language. It becomes a problem for many kids. In spite of that I wish all Russian girls, who are in search for their happiness, would find it wherever it is going to be. Try and you will get it!

And you may always come back to your home country, though I've never heard of anyone who did.

Good luck and be happy!


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