To the Question of Racial Issues in International Relationships

Dear Gulnara,

In response to your response to my article, I think it was a misunderstanding: of course we list women of Asian origin, and we even have one black lady living in Belarus that applied to our service. Our service caters for people of all races, men as well as women. If you look through our gentlemen's catalog at http://www.zamuzh.com/men, you will see men of all races, as well as in our online women's catalog at http://www.elenasmodels.com you will find many women of Oriental origin. Clients of all races are welcome in our service.

But according to my experience, Americans in general are very sensitive to racial issues. First time I have heard about it was when one of my friends, a very smart and beautiful woman of Korean origin, emigrated to NY city. She did not marry an American, she emigrated on her own. She said she had problems with finding men for dating in USA because she was Asian. Some men would date her but will not introduce her to their families or think about marriage. Once she was invited to a social gathering by her boyfriend, and she said she overheard a few sharp remarks behind her back. The same woman was very popular with men in Russia (as you of course know, Russian men have many shortcomings but they are not bothered by racial issues at all). This was my first information about racial issues in USA "from first hands".

In my work I can also clearly see the tendency towards Caucasian women; we have many very beautiful girls of Oriental origin in our database, and they are much less popular than Caucasian ladies. Most American men do prefer Caucasian women, even when the men themselves are of Oriental or African origin. Is this nationalism? I do not think so.

We also receive applications from Russian women of Oriental origin that say they only want to meet a Caucasian man. Is this nationalism or racism? No, it is not. I think it is just a personal choice.

Men themselves told me many times their interest towards women from the former USSR was due to their good education and Caucasian appearance.

Every person has his own preferences in appearance, for example, some men prefer brunettes and some prefer blondes. Some men prefer thin women and some prefer a little meat on the bones. No one has any objection about it. But when it is about the color of the skin, and if he says that he wants to meet a Caucasian woman, then he is a racist.

I think it is all a PERSONAL CHOICE, and has nothing to do with being a nationalist or racist. I was blamed in discrimination and being a racist even when I said that a man of Asian origin or a black man will have less chances with Russian women as they prefer men of their own race. This is true, we all know that, so why I am a racist? Should I rather lie? It appears to me that the only way I can avoid this problem is to say nothing about racial issues at all. Pretend they do not exist.

Personally, I am NOT a racist or nationalist. I believe in equity of all races, and that every person should be valued due to his or her real achievements and virtues, and not because of the skin color. I have many friends of Asian origin back in Russia, and colored friends here.

But I also think there is nothing wrong in the estimation of the existing trends. Another way, the way of ostrich - hiding the head in sand in a danger, does not appeal to me. I think the truth is better than semi-truth or the absence of information. I believe we are intelligent enough to call cat a cat.

Best regards,

Elena Petrova
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