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I am not a Scammer

On July 29 I got e-mail from web site Uaprofiler.com saying that my name was successfully added to their database due to my scamming activity and if I had any questions I might contact them. I took a look at their web site and saw my data there, only my name and address without any explanations why I was placed there, who reported and why. It only stated my details and the name of the site where my advertising was placed Absoluteagency.com.

To me it was a shock because for the whole last year I did not write to anyone from there, also I did not make any contacts at all and did not have correspondence with anyone. Of course I have started writing to that site with questions why my name was there, asking them to tell me why, how come, who is that man (being totally surprised about it since there cannot be any man!) and even asking the site to tell the man to contact me with his complaints because no one has ever contacted me with any complaints especially since there cannot be any complaints at all, because those men that I communicated with before we either stayed good friends or came to mutual agreement that we were different people in life and still keeping good relations.

I asked the site to remove my name from their list. Anyway, all my attempts to contact that site remained with no reply. No one from the site has ever replied to me. I tried to contact the site by their e-mail, also from their intra mail but have never got any reply. The man from the USA, who is a private investigator in his own country, his name is Al Villa (he wrote to me also that my name is placed on that site but he knows me for a long time already and knows that I am Not a scammer!!) wrote to Uaprofiler.com about my matter but he also did not receive any reply from them. Then he repeated his e-mails to that site but once again they have never replied to him as well. Here is his e-mail: avinv2001@yahoo.com

Anyway, then I wrote to some sites which addresses I found on the search page on the internet to ask what to do in my situation and how to deal with this a man from one American site told me that I should remove my profile from the site where I was ( I mean dating site Absoluteagency.com) and I did it and also

I wrote to Russian Women Magazine. Then I called the phone number that was indicated on the bottom of the page of the site Uaprofiler.com "how to contact them". First couple days nobody picked up and I constantly heard the message "the number is temporarily unavailable". But finally a man picked up and he told me that he has nothing to do with this site, that indeed he works in the police in Lugansk but he has nothing to do with this site and it was someone's bad joke to place his phone there, that he doesn't know who did that and that it is not only me who was calling him since there were many other girls who were calling him about the same matter since they have been placed their ads on the site without any reason. I asked him if he knows how I can contact people form the site and he told me he did not know. I asked him to give me an advice how to deal with this and he said there was no way. Then he suddenly started to ask me who I was, where from, my name, etc. Finally he said to me that he was tired of all the calls, he has nothing to do with all this and this site and he is going to change his phone number therefore.

I was discussing all this with Al Villa and he said that probably this site of uaprofiler is just making money out of men for so-called investigations and they are just doing their business and they are probably not going to reply at all because they do not even reply back to him.

Indeed, the situation that the site gives deliberately the contact phone number which is not real, or especially if the man on the phone was lying to me about his connection to the site, it clearly shows that the site itself is a scam. I contacted also other internet services to ask how to deal with this site since I wanted my name to be removed from the scam list because I was not a scammer. I am waiting for reply from them how to stop the scam activity of the site Uaprofiler.com itself.


Russian women scam

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