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From USA with Love: Russian Impressions & Healthy Cooking

Olga Victoria Whittington, the aouhor of the bout the book
From USA with Love: Russian Impressions & Healthy Cooking

Russian recipes

Russian borsch

  • Beef bouillon - 8-10 cups
  • 1 medium beets
  • 1 medium carrots
  • 2 medium onion
  • 1 medium potatoes
  • 1 pound or 4-5 medium size; cabbage
  • 1/2 cup tomato sauce

Cut beets, carrots and onion cut as straw (as French fries, but smaller size). Cut potatoes as cubes about one inch size. Cut Cabbage.

Allow bouillon to boil and then put in half of cut beets, cut carrots, and cut onions. Put the remaining in skillet with 2 tablespoons of butter and fry, stir very well. When vegetables have a bright golden color, add tomato sauce, stir well and fry a few more minutes. Add potatoes to bouillon and boil 15 minutes. Then add cabbage, fried vegetables and tomato sauce, to bouillon and boil for 10 minutes. At this time I put 2-3 bay leaves and 5-6 black peppercorns. It takes 10 to 15 minutes more and you can see when potatoes, cabbage are ready, borsch is ready.

When my mom cooked borsch she always fried beets, carrots and onion separate, then put together and fried with tomato sauce. I was always busy and should feed my family in Russia, and I cooked borsch such way and it was always delicious.

Usually in Russia I cooked borsch for one week, and taste became better when it stays, other soups lose their taste, but borsch never!

Simple Russian apple cake - Sharlotka

Americans love apple pie; we cook different kinds of apple cake or pie.

  • Green apples - 3 medium size
  • eggs -4 (large)
  • all-purpose flour - 1 cup
  • sugar - 1 cup

In the bowl mix together eggs, flour and sugar with mixer very well. Cut apples in small pieces with skin about one inch or one and a half. Then spread oil on the baking pan and put cut apples on the button. Cover apples with dough. Put baking pan in oven and bake 30-35 minutes at 375 F. It should be brown. If you like sweets you can put on the top of cake imperial sugar through the sifter. Cake is ready!

Americans deserve healthy homemade meals

Olga WhittingtonThese recipes are my favorites, which I cook all my life, and some of them I can cook so quickly, and I am sure you can do it. Just start from simple recipes. When you see how your family is pleased, you will want to try to cook more complicated recipes, and it becomes simpler. I remember how surprised my future American husband was when he came to my apartment to meet my youngest son Ivan in Russia. When I introduced him, and they start to talk, I go to the kitchen and bake my simple apple cake, Sharlotka.

Oh, I saw his eyes, it was better than words. At first, he did not believe that I made cake so quickly. Now he knows me. I spoil him so much, and he loves me more and more. I am sure that homemade food and sweets is just only way any woman can grow healthy children, and keep her family together. Her husband will hurry to come home, and her children will eat healthy food and vegetables and fruits, and children want be used to just pizza, hamburgers, and French fries. They can order or go to restaurants sometimes, but children will not be overweight, and will be used to your food.

My husband’s mother, Lena is great cook, and both her sons love her food so much! When we go to Mississippi, she cooks for us healthy southern food, chicken, beans, ham potato salad, cornbread, but everything is homemade. Her food is the best to them, better than from any restaurant. I am sure every child deserves homemade cooking.

In the old days, every family cooked at home in USA, but now tradition changes, and children eat a lot of snacks, and fast food. After that, when they are grown, they have different health problems. There are some good traditions in USA! American breakfast is the best! Why women don't cook it at home? It is so good to cook it together with children on weekends.

I believe American women will start to cook, because health is the main important thing in human life. My mom always told me, watch yourself, and keep your body healthy, because when you are sick, you are no good for your husband or children. They need healthy mother, who can care for them, and set example for them. The main thing in life for women is to bear and raise children, healthy generation, and I hope this book helps women to do that, and of course, it saves money for traveling, theatres, and future.

I see so many wonderful things in USA, everything is comfortable: wonderful roads, stores, houses, nature, and a lot of stuff for wonderful cooking. I am sure healthy homemade meal will make American life even better.

Here you will find a lot of healthy recipes and more: From USA with Love: Russian Impressions & Healthy Cooking

About the Book

Author shares out Russian recipes, but it is designed to be much more than a cookbook-it is a book meant to be about lifestyle. The reader finds not just recipes for soups, salads, meat and sweets, but extensive description on how to prepare it properly, to save vitamins - “I understand now that American cooking is very good, but American women start to lose old recipes…”

Book reminds the reader that Russian culture has a broad base to draw its riches from-“When we were the Soviet Union, we had 15 republics and our cooking culture combines a lot of different meals from different nations. I couldn’t cook. I could fry sunny side and hard-boiled eggs, but I had mom’s Russian old cooking book and a lot of recipes from mom’s book. They are so simple but delicious…It helps to keep your family together in the evening or weekend and remember our Russian saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”

This book is about Russian culture, traditions, different tips for cooking, healthy diet, and author’s life story from her birthday to marriage to an American man, whom she met on internet.

About the Author

Olga Victoria Whittington was born in former Soviet Union. She graduated from Moscow State University as chemical engineer. She worked 30 years as engineer and marketing director. When her Russian husband passed way, she met an American man and came to USA. She has a fascinating background and she put it down in writing. This book is her first experience and has a down-to-earth style with knowledge about the subject.

Olga Whittington describes cooking process as chemist to prepare healthy food properly.

She knows very well Russian culture, cooking tips, old traditions “which goes from one generation to other” and shares them with Americans.

Now she works as volunteer for the Republican Party, and became a member of Texas Federation of Republican Women, Vice-President of San Jacinto Republican Women’s Club…

"I became LADY IN RED, and you can’t imagine that when we are together it is a sea of red. Soviet Union and communist party had the red color also, but now red color is a symbol of democracy and freedom for me.”

From USA with Love: Russian Impressions & Healthy Cooking

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From USA with Love: Russian Impressions & Healthy Cooking

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