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Welcome to America - an immense and in-depth guide for immigrants

“Welcome to America, English-Russian Version is an immense and in-depth guide… An extensively thorough yet down-to-earth practical and easy-to-follow instructional, and an absolute "must-have" for anyone braving the challenge of a new culture, legal system and way of life.”
Midwest Book Review.

One of the main purposes of our magazine is facilitating an exchange of information to make adjusting to life in a new country easier and to help new immigrants avoid costly mistakes. If you found something useful on our site, then all our hard work has not been in vain. The author of “Welcome to America,” Vitaliy Demin, who co-wrote the book with his daughter, Olga Demin Lambert, had a similar goal in mind. For ten years, he carefully gathered the kind of information that all immigrants need.

Even long-time U.S. residents can find plenty of useful information in this book. And for recent immigrants, the book can save years of trial and error and help avoid many expensive mistakes.

The book explains in details how to:

• better learn English
• rent an apartment
• buy a car
• open a bank account
• establish a credit history
• find a job
• pay taxes
• control your income and expenses
• understand all kind of insurance
• get an education
• earn social security benefits
• buy a home
• and much more

The book is published in a bilingual format and intended both for people who do not know any English at all and for those who are fluent in it. The Russian text and its English translation are printed side by side on facing pages, which makes it possible to read the English version without having to look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary. A detailed table of contents and an extensive index in both languages make it easy to find information on a particular topic. This makes the book a useful tool for learning and practicing English.

I bought this book after five years in America but still found plenty of new and interesting information. The author Vitaliy Demin, an engineer, was able to coherently present a lot of material on many different topics that is usually inaccessible to a general audience. The book is very well written and comprehensive. Most importantly, the information is easy to remember because it is presented in a simple and clear manner. Each topic, be it credit cards, buying a car, or renting an apartment, guides the reader through the necessary steps and shows how to deal with difficulties or obstacles. The book is a true “user’s manual” for life in America.

After reading this book, I found that the seemingly unrelated pieces of knowledge that I acquired from other sources now formed a coherent whole. I also have found information on many subjects that I thought were only covered in specialized literature. As we all know, specialized literature usually contains many unnecessary details and sometimes leaves the reader confused and disappointed. Insufficient knowledge of English can be another obstacle to understanding such literature. This book, however, covers many topics in a clear and concise manner, which enables readers to quickly learn about the subject they are interested in. Besides, the current book market does not satisfy the majority of immigrant needs. This book, on the other hand, contains answers to specific questions most immigrants have.

In addition, the excellent synchronous English translation has given me the opportunity to take a fresh look at my English skills and to improve them significantly. The book was largely translated by Olga, who has taught English at the University of Southern Maine and is now working toward her doctorate at Harvard University.

The only thing I regret is that this book had not been written five years ago when I first arrived in America. It would have saved me so much time and frustration and would have kept me from making many unnecessary mistakes. I think this book is a unique encyclopedia for not just Russians, but for all immigrants. Many of those who have already bought the book agree. Below are some excerpts from readers’ letters. If you would like to share your opinion about the book, please write to us. You can also send us any questions you may have for the authors, and we will contact them. Some of the answers have been already published in my interview with Vitaliy.

Olga Sapp, RWM Editor


In two months of reading of your book I have learned more than during the previous three years of living in America. Besides, the English-Russian version of the book allows me to improve all aspects of my English.

N. Zavlanova, New York

“… I want to express my deep gratitude to you for writing and publishing your remarkable book "Welcome to America." It is a true encyclopedia for all immigrants, a reference book for all those who want to achieve success and prosperity in America. … I came to America three years ago with my son, who was 14 years old at the time. And although I have two advanced degrees – in engineering and economics, my English was very far from perfect, basically at the level you wrote about in the book. I have also experienced all the emotions you describe in the book. There is no doubt that if I could have read your book in Russia or even shortly after my arrival in America, it would have helped me considerably with my adjustment to the new country and finding my place here. … I would strongly recommend this book to all immigrants, even if they have already lived in America for more than three years, and especially to those who have just arrived or are still planning to come here. The money spent on this book will help them save time and avoid unnecessary anxiety and expenses in the future.
I would also like to commend you for the wonderful idea of publishing your book in Russian and English on opposite pages and for the excellent quality of this first edition. …”

Irina Notarian, Florida.

“ … I am very grateful to you for your remarkable book. It became a reference book for us. The first time I used practical information from this "Bible" for immigrants was while purchasing car insurance.

We are now studying the chapter on education, and I can say that in our three years in the US, we have not been able to find anything as useful or informative. … Each section of the book has great practical value for everyday situations, both in the first days of immigration and many years later. Of course, just like any handbook, it will need to be updated regularly, but as of today, "Welcome to America" is the only publication that can make life easier for immigrants to the extent that it is even possible. You managed to gather a great deal of necessary information in one book, and this is the most CREDIBLE information available. Besides, you give references to other sources, which greatly enhances the usefulness of the book. Another huge advantage of this book is that it is bilingual.”

Igor Segal, Bountiful, Utah

Well written and organized book with great informative content. Very well suited for throughout reading or to be used as a reference for many of difficult situations encountered not only by immigrants but also for those who grew up in this country. I wish this book was available back when I was going through my growing pains. A lot of the questions I had to find answers for the hard way are covered in this very complete publication. To this day, after being in this country for over ten years, I still find new information that I use on daily basis. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of the life in America.

Aleksandr Rabinovich from Boston, MA USA

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Adjusting to a new country:

Welcome to America - English-Russian Version is an immense and in-depth guide… An extensively thorough yet down-to-earth practical and easy-to-follow instructional, and an absolute "must-have" for anyone braving the challenge of a new culture, legal system and way of life.

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