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Only $20 per letter and $15 per phone conversation!

Why would you need a translation?

1. You will show her how much you care, saving her time and money for translating.
2. You will give her the opportunity to express herself as well as it can be only in native language.
3. You will express your feelings without doubts whether she is able to understand you.
4. You will be able to discuss documents and paper preparation for your meeting or any other matter in details.

Why would you choose us?

1. We will understand you better than anyone as we have been through the same process. We are women who met and built relationship with foreigners and got married to them.
3. We use the most secure method for online purchase transactions through Pay Pal.

What do we translate?

1. English-Russian correspondence.
2. Russian-English correspondence.
3. Phone calls.

How it works?

1. If you want to have your letter translated from English into Russian send it to us via e-mail. After you receive our confirmation note you can make a payment. The letter will be translated within two business days.
2. If you want to have the Russian letter from your lady to be translated send us a copy of it to the postal address, which will be provided to you. Then you can make a payment. The letter will be translated within two business days (mailing period not included).
3. If you want to have an interpreter for your phone call, you need to have a 3-way call option. Please, let us know in advance the day and time of your phone conversation. Submit this information to our email address and pay for this service after the confirmation notice. The name and phone number of your interpreter will be provided after your payment.

How much it cost?

1. One page translation (appr.1800 linguistic units) $20. Click the "Add to cart" button to order

2. 30 minutes of 3-way phone call $15. Click the "Add to cart button" to order

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